Posted by: Lisa | August 19, 2012


This have been bustling here for the past few weeks! We had an awesome team from the states come for a visit, have had to totally rearrange our birth plans, and are now trying to prepare the house for a 4-6 week absence! Plus we’re doing internet changes in anticipation for the trip that makes my time on the computer a bit less than before, so I won’t be able to do a lot of posts in the next couple weeks. All that to explain why it’s been two weeks since I’ve written anything about life here on my hilltop!

The group left just a couple days ago, but here is a photo of them, my handsome man and our children after the team’s first Sunday here. The church the men visited that morning had gifted them with sugar cane. One of our visitors knew how to prepare it, and it was so fun! The men “peeled” it, cut it into chunks and soaked them in water. The kids loved eating it! And Joey loved using the unpeeled canes as clubs. Such a boy!

Our original plan for this upcoming birth was to go up to the clinic where we had Joey, since we knew the doctor and had experience with them. They were willing to work with our distance issue, and all was fine. Until my doctor called me two weeks ago and said she was going to be out of the country until days before my due date. She wouldn’t be able to do any prenatals with me, and possibly wouldn’t be there to deliver since two of my children came early! We weren’t comfortable with the back-up option she suggested up in that area, so we began to pray. Earnestly! Here we were less than two months until due date, and no place to have the baby! A lot of phone calls, emails, etc later, it seems the Lord is opening doors in the capitol. I’m happy with that, because it’s 4 hours closer and we get to stay in a furnished place! Praise the Lord!

Here’s a photo BabyGIrl at 33 weeks 2 days!

And now the packing and laundry begin in earnest. We leave for Lusaka, Zambia’s capitol, in two weeks when I am at 36 weeks along. Time to wash BabyGirl’s clothes and set up a baby station! This is the fun part of preparing for a baby! We’ll also start packing up our house since we’ll be gone a for a few weeks before the birth, and then stay in the capitol to get the paperwork going for her birth certificate and passport after her arrival. It’s exciting to think that with an October 2nd due date, the time to hold her in our arms is almost here! And as if I’m not getting anxious enough, my friend Savannah just had her baby, and it was such a treat to get to hold little Gabriella! Doesn’t Felicia look like a natural? šŸ™‚

So, if I can’t get back on for a few weeks, you’ll all know what’s going on and the reason behind the silence! We’ll be busy anticipating our newest arrival! We appreciate your prayers that the remaining details will fall into place and that all will go well!



  1. Lisa, you look GREAT!!! I cannot wait to meet your new little one. šŸ™‚ I am so happy that you have found a doctor to do your delivery. It must make you very feel VERY relieved…I know I would.

    Enjoy your time away and make sure you get lots of rest! Blessings!!!

    • Thanks, Sally! I am SO relieved to see the Lord put things together! God is never late, but all this upheaval until 34 weeks really felt like “cutting it close” to me! ha!

      I am half torn about wanting her to come early, and then also wanting some time to enjoy the capitol a bit before sleepless nights settle in. šŸ™‚

      Hope things are going smoothly with your move!

  2. Lookin’ good, my friend!!!

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