Posted by: Lisa | July 7, 2012

Kindergarden Graduate!

Guess who’s done with K5? 🙂

And because Natalie’s not one to be out-done, here’s a picture including her with my signature in her coloring book. 😉

I’ve seen the Lord work this school year in such an encouraging way! Due to some communication mix-ups, we didn’t get Felicia’s books here until the last week of October last year. I was sure we were doomed to be forever behind in school! I mean, our first year ever, and we’re already two months “behind”? Felicia is such a trooper, though, and we often did 6 days of school per week, which certainly helped us finish close to “on time”.

Now, several months later, she’s learning to phonetically write things out (my favorite is still the classic “I luv mom”!), has realized how to tell time on the hour, and in general just loves to learn! I’d say that’s a good end-of-the-year report! A huge blessing to me is that we ended in June!

Her 1st grade materials arrived about  a week or two ago, and I’m eager to get a head start on this next school year! We’re welcoming a baby just after the beginning of the next grade (I’m due Oct 2nd), and I’d love to be able to take some guilt-free time off from schooling to enjoy adjusting to 4 children!  But… it is certainly going to take me some time to get my bearings and figure out this next grade. The number of subjects more than doubled! I guess that’s a fun thing about homeschooling- we’re all really learning together!

Blurry, but cute!

And Natalie? She is so desperate to be included in school this year, I’m thinking of pulling out a preschool book for her. She’s just  barely 3, but encouraging that love to learn is key. This is going to be an adventurous year for us! 🙂



  1. Can your girls get any cuter?! Congratulations on finishing kindergarten, Felicia (and congratulations to you too, Mommy!)

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