Posted by: Lisa | June 20, 2012

Puppy Playmates

Our “surprise” puppies are growing well, and the girls anticipate playing with the puppies nearly every day. They come up with lots of creative things to do with them. I would have never thought of giving a puppy a bike ride!

I think it’s adorable how they treat the puppies like “live baby dolls”.

These dogs sure are given lots of love!

And, someone pointed out that one of the puppies actually has blue eyes! So cute!

Felicia said, “I’m so glad God gave us puppies! It’s like having babies around!” It made me laugh, and I said, “Honey, puppies are babies! Baby dogs!” 🙂



  1. Yes, I know what you mean. We have surprise kittens. I will probably let them keep them, and then we will each have one cat. Oh, I guess we will be one short. Anyway, they are fun to watch. I played a video of kittens that I took back in 1992. It was fun to watch it and I am encouraging the girls to make a similar video of these kittens. We didn’t keep any back in 1992. 🙂 Baby animals have so much energy!

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