Posted by: Lisa | June 18, 2012


One challenge I struggle with when we are on the intense load shedding schedule, is the laundry. With no water every day after 4pm on a day with power, days where we don’t have power to run the machine until after 6pm make that a “no wash” day. And when we lose power three days a week… I feel like the smelly pile of dirty clothes quickly becomes unmanageable.

Today was a day *with* power. The only problem was that the power was low. Too low to run the washing machine. After a fair amount of frustration, I got an idea. Out came some empty totes and I got a hose and filled them with water. The power usually comes up after dinner, so, if I have water ready, I can bucket transfer the water to the machine and wash then! I was so excited with this possibility!

Later, I realized that in my excitement to actually have water ready to wash some laundry today, I forgot to fill the bathtub early enough in the day to be able to bathe the children. 🙂 So, Damon slid a tote down the hall for me and we transferred it to the tub, warmed up the tub water with water from the hot water tank and- wa-lah! Clean children, too! Now that is a good day! 🙂

The funny thing is, when I had my “frustration moment” earlier, the Lord must have protected my children’s ears, because they ended up seeing this whole “store water in advance and truck it around the house to where you need it” as an adventure. 🙂 They were giggling and running around, opening doors and trying to help. I was so thankful for their attitude reminder!

When I was drying them off after baths, we had unexpected loadshedding. The Lord recently allowed us to get a generator, and so we weren’t in the dark long. When the lights come back on, Natalie always says, “Pwaise the Yord!” Tonight, Felicia said soberly, “But we don’t praise the Lord when the lights go out?” So… I’m thinking next time I’m faced with an “inconvenience”, instead of struggling through it, I should say “praise the Lord”. And make sure my children learn to praise when things are going well, and when we’re facing what I consider an inconvenience!


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