Posted by: Lisa | June 8, 2012


The power supply here in Chipata fluctuates wildly. It seems like it’s either off, low or surging. It’s not uncommon to have to run around the house unplugging everything lest the voltage damage our electronics. Obviously, we don’t “catch” every surge/dip, as is evidenced by the water regulator dying in our washing machine. I’m so thankful that the machine still agitates and spins the clothes! I just have to manually turn the water on and off for each cycle.

That sounds simple enough, right? Set the timer, come back and turn the water spigot. The problem is, sometimes I forget to set the timer. And sometimes the water pressure is higher or lower than normal, making even a set timer inaccurate! The end result of this? A washing machine that often overflows it’s basin! The girls actually get giddy when a soapy pond shows up on our porch- that means it’s time to play in the water and call it “helping mommy”!

Can you see how wet their skirts are? 🙂

I guess it’s a good thing our washer is outside in the porch! As convenient as an indoor laundry area would be, it would be much less convenient to have to mop the house every time this happens! With this set up, we just swish the water over the edge and onto the driveway!

And because it’s too cute, I have to include these pictures of what Joey thinks of when he sees an ironing board. (Yes, that part of the “laundry area” is indoors!)

Can you tell? He’s riding it like a horse. 🙂 Only a boy would think of that!

Who knew laundry could be so much fun! 🙂


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