Posted by: Lisa | May 21, 2012

Joey’s 1st Birthday

My sweet little baby is now 1 year old! He has brought such a new dimension to our home, being the first boy after two girls. It’s definitely different with a little blue in the mix! A fun different! 🙂

Some facts about Joey-

~He loves sticks
~His sisters don’t appreciate his love for sticks because
~Joey likes to see what happens when he hits various things (people!) with said sticks!
~He swaggers. Don’t ask me how a one year old toddling around does, but he does!
~He gets excited about every. single. new discovery. I love it!
~He still appreciates a good Mommy cuddle. He’d rather I rub his back when I go get him up than meet me with outstretched arms for freedom.

For his birthday this year, we were able to celebrate with Damon’s family, which was extra special because Joey’s named after Damon’s dad! We went with a construction themed cake which is perfect for a boy who already has eaten dirt! 🙂

Damon making the grand entrance with the cake while the whole family sang “Happy Birthday” in true “Matacchiera Style”. 🙂

Presenting a very tired birthday boy with his first cake. Birthdays are so  fun! (Notice the wooden spoon Joey’s chewing on? Grandma M was faithful to always provide a stick for Joey to play with!)

Enjoying his first bite…

See the twinkle in his blue eyes? I think he liked it. 🙂

Earlier in the day we’d been able to take a picnic with some special friends from Kitwe. Damon took this adorable picture of the birthday boy walking around the dam.

What a precious little (1 year old!) man God’s given us!



  1. So precious! Your kids just keep me staring at the screen because of their cuteness! Happy Birthday, little man!

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