Posted by: Lisa | May 7, 2012

Appreciation Night

A tradition I started before we had children was to occasionally host a “Damon Appreciation Night”. When things would get crazy in the ministry, and I could see how must effort he was spending trying to fulfill God’s call on His life while still being an attentive husband, or just when we needed a “date” but going out wasn’t really an option- I’d put on a Damon Appreciation Night. It was mostly just a time to reconnect  and show him how much I appreciate him! I’d cook a favorite dinner, write a card with a corny poem and let him rest or help him with what he needed afterwards, but it was a fun little thing to do.

Now that we have children, the name has changed to “Daddy Appreciation Night”, and the girls go A-L-L out. They dress in their fanciest dresses, or at least what they feel prettiest in! They make cards. They wrap presents in their doll blankets for him to unwrap. Really, my “special meal” takes a back burner to all their efforts! It has been a fun tradition.

But tonight, I saw some fruit of this that was so special I got misty eyed. Felicia walking like a princess, feeling like a princess. What happened? Natalie had declared tonight a “Felicia Appreciation Night”. Felicia has had some tough lessons lately about not getting what Natalie gets (i.e.- Natalie needed new shoes. We finally found a pair that fit and bought her two! Felicia has plenty of shoes, but still felt left out of the shopping experience.), and in her 5 year old mind that easily translates to not being loved as much. Natalie initiating this special evening for Felicia created a bond that nothing else could have accomplished.

Felicia brushed her hair all special and even got to wear some special sparkly lotion for the dinner. I made pizza as planned. Felicia said, “Mommy, I’m so glad the power stayed on until the pizza was done!” with such a grateful heart. After dinner, Natalie presented some toys she’d wrapped in Felicia’s baby blanket. It couldn’t have been opened with any more fanfare had it been a brand new bike! So incredibly special!

(I wanted to upload a picture, but for some reason, it’s not happening.)

Tonight, on this appreciation night, my girls played together better than they have in a while. I think they are learning the joy of putting each other first. And that thrills my heart more than anything else ever could.

And the most incredible thing to me about all this? I didn’t have to sit down and teach a lesson on it. They observed how their daddy and I treat each other, and picked up and personalized it. It is so true that “more is caught than taught”! While that can and should be a very sobering thought, tonight, it was encouraging!



  1. That is great, Lisa. Just what every mom wants to happen. Praise the Lord. 🙂

  2. Great post, Lisa! These are the BEST moments of being Mommies… when you start to see them catch on!

  3. I almost got misty-eyed too. That is so special.

  4. This is so adorable! Thanks for sharing!

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