Posted by: Lisa | April 29, 2012

Last Month

What a month! Wow. I’m not sure it’s possible to accurately record what’s been going on over here, but let’s just say again- wow.

We’d planned a 12 day trip up to Kitwe to get some things done up there (prenatal, pick up Damon’s driver’s license, transport some of our friends belongings back to Chipata, visit family…). As you can tell by the lack of posts here, that trip lasted a LOT longer than 12 days! It started off with a “bang” when…

We pulled out of Chipata on a Tuesday, a regular load shedding day for the Eastern Province. We didn’t give it two thoughts because- who needs power in town to start a journey? Um, well… we didn’t take into account that the gas station at the halfway mark between Chipata (our town) and Lusaka (our first night’s destination) wouldn’t have a generator to pump fuel. We’d used a good half a tank at that point, so turning around wasn’t really a better option. We’d be on fumes either way. Might as well try to make it to Lusaka! So, we prayed for the Lord to allow the fuel we had to get us through the mountains, and put-putted into a gas station about an hour outside Lusaka.

The strange thing was, even after filling the tank with fuel, the “put-putting” didn’t stop. We were losing acceleration for no reason and had to pull over, and lift the passenger seat up so Damon could manually pump the fuel pump (who designed this car?) before continuing. It seemed to help, but the longer we drove, the more often we’d have to stop.

Long story short, even after changing the fuel filter, etc. the problem persisted to the point we couldn’t continue our journey north. We were now “stuck” an hour north of Lusaka with a “broken” car, and no idea what was wrong!

The Lord was good and allowed us to be “stranded” at a nice lodge/farm. That’s when the car just wouldn’t eek out another mile. The farm turned out to be a great place to spend an unexpected overnight! They had a large playground, animals to see, animals to ride and a “family room” option- each child got their own bed and the kids had their own room! God’s hand was clearly taking care of us, despite the vehicle issues! Damon was able to post about our stay at Fringilla here.

While I won’t give you a play-by-play of our entire trip, I will say that we ended up in limbo about our return date until the day before we left due to ongoing findings by the vehicle mechanic. And that I was very glad we’d decided to pack our school stuff “just in case”. 🙂

The month was so crazy that I wasn’t very good at taking pictures outside birthday celebrations, but here are some we managed to take in a rush before one of the Sundays we all actually made it to church. (Did I mention strep went through the house while we were there? And that Joey was teething?)

My two girlies. It’s a LOT easier getting a good picture of two than it is getting one of three! Especially in a rush!

Felicia (5), Natalie (3) and Joey (1) all gussied up for service and Papa and Grandma Matacchiera’s church!

Coming soon- pictures of Natalie’s and Joey’s birthdays. Finally! 🙂



  1. Your children are SO gorgeous!!!

    • Aw, thanks, Jolene! I think so, but *might* be biased. 🙂

  2. That picture of your girls is so beautiful, and Joey looks adorable in his little tie. He is getting sooooo big! Your post was fun to read. Sounds like ya’ll had a very interesting trip!

    • I LOVE Joey’s little tie! 🙂 And loved that it velcroed behind his neck so he couldn’t pull it off! 🙂

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