Posted by: Lisa | March 26, 2012

“We’ll Still Trust the Lord”

I don’t mean to title all my posts with a Felicia quote, but hey, she’s been saying some things lately that strike straight to my heart! Here’s the story.

Today was Natalie’s 3rd birthday! (Another post with photos of her special day as soon as this internet kink gets worked out!) Doing a party on a Monday, the day after a busy weekend, seems ambitious, but it was the only day that would work for us. Yesterday we load shed. Tomorrow we load shed. Thursday we start the two-day trip up to Kitwe for my first prenatal with the doctor we hope to deliver Baby4. So Monday it was.

I used to mentally pat myself on the back for how well I could prepare and make a list of things that needed to be done in advance so that everything came together at the same time. Zambia has taught me humility. It really doesn’t matter how well you plan. Things will go “wrong”. Every. Single. Time.

Can you guess what happened this morning two hours before the party was to start? Yup. We lost power. They decided to do maintenance on our line for 2 1/2 hours on the one day with power sandwiched between two “off” days. I don’t understand it either. And it really threw my beautiful morning plan out the window. šŸ™‚

And then I prayed. And realized I hadn’t read the girls their Bible yet. Maybe that’s why God allowed this. For all my “organizational planning” for things to go off wonderfully, I hadn’t included this in the list. Shame on me.

When I called the girls to the couch and told them what we were going to do now, Felicia said with a knowing look, “Because reading the Bible is important!” And, appropriately, our chapter was Galatians 5, walking in the flesh vs. walking in the Spirit. What a perfect lead in for the challenge I was facing about the power company! We discussed the lesson and that’s when Felicia came up with her beautiful quote, “We’ll still trust the Lord. Even without power, we will still trust our God.” And I thought, “Yes! That’s it. God can still work things out to be a fun time for Natalie.” After all, it doesn’t take freshly prepared mini quiches to thrill a 3 year old’s heart. Just lots of love.

So, the mini quiches never got baked. The tea never got boiled. (It was supposed to have been a tea party.) And mommy was still too scattered that I forgot to even serve the koolaid in the tea set our friend so graciously lent for the day. But Natalie still felt celebrated. And we still trusted the Lord to work His plan despite the inconveniences. And that makes for a good 3rd birthday!



  1. Thanks for sharing such a precious day! Happy birthday to Natalie!

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