Posted by: Lisa | January 6, 2012

Daddy’s Princesses

Like many girls, my daughters love to dress up. You might have noticed the dresses the girls wore in the picture taken on Christmas? They were a gift from my parents and the girls were elated. They instantly put them on and twirled around the room. So sweet!

(I accidentally resized this picture incredibly small. Wah!!)

So, the other day when a school assignment was to write an “experience story” about dressing up, my girls were all for it! THIS is something they had plenty of experience in! (No, Natalie’s not in school yet, but she thinks she is, so we include her as much as possible!)

I wrote it down and read it back to them. They loved their stories. I did too; I’ve decided I’m going to keep this paper for a long time. 🙂

“Princesses and Kings”
by Felicia (at a few weeks shy of 5 years old.)

I put on a crown and hold a wand.

I wear a nice pink dress with a nice nap. (?)

And then I dance around.

Mommy makes me a special breakfast and that’s the end of my story.

Mommy’s breakfast is yummy. I say thank you for the nice meal. Princesses need good manners.

My Daddy is the King.

He is the Hero and he protects us!

“Princesses and Kings”
by Natalie (2 1/2 years old)

I put a dress on.

I hold a wand- like this!

My dress is purple.

I dance around. I’m a princess!

Daddy is the king.

He helps me jump. Daddy catches me!

I am a purple princess. Felicia is a pink princess.

What struck me as especially precious was how they both acknowledged Damon as the one from whence their royalty comes. 🙂 You can’t be a princess without a king! It was an interesting insight, also, to what makes them feel loved. For Felicia, it’s when she feels protected; for Natalie, it’s when she has play time.

Our prayer is that this confidence the girls have in their earthly father’s love will help them to more fully understand the Heavenly Father’s perfect love for them!



  1. Absolutely precious!!!!

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