Posted by: Lisa | December 23, 2011

Candlelit Snowflakes

Doesn’t that title call to mind the image of sitting by a fireplace, looking out the window at a gentle snowfall? 🙂 We won’t have any flurries like that in this climate, but the other night we made some fun memories of our own with candles and “snow”.

While Chipata is known for having issues with providing constant power, lately it’s been even more spontaneous than before. I’ve heard that the rains haven’t come in full force yet, so the hydro-electricity plant in Livingstone just can’t provide enough for the whole country all at once. I think we’re on day 10 of daily power outages, and about 3 weeks of constant on/off. Praise the Lord, though, for it certainly could be worse. We usually still have hot meals and hot showers and clean clothes. Beyond that, we can’t ask  for much!

The other night, I had a whole slew of evening plans when – yup – the power went out! So Christmas baking, or sewing gifts immediately was checked off the List of Options. Instead, we decided to make paper snowflakes by candlelight. It turned out to be so fun and cozy. I could see my artsy girl get her craftiness going with drawing hearts on her snowflakes. My two year old was delighted when she was able to use the scissors to actually cut paper.

(The lone silk flower in my favorite vase is the girls idea of a centerpiece. If I move it or change it, I find it right back this way within a few hours…)

The next day, Felicia took a snowflake to each room to hang up- right at her eye level. I love her idea of little beauty in each corner. 🙂 I mean, haven’t you ever thought the garbage area needed a little sprucing up? 😉

It’s wonderful to still have the option of doing so many fun things together, even if there isn’t a lightbulb on within miles!



  1. Aww….it’s the simple things in life that warm the heart. Makes me want to sit down with my 21 year old daughter and cut out some snowflakes!
    Praying for you,
    Mrs. M

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