Posted by: Lisa | November 23, 2011

A Day in the “Rain”

I’ve wanted to share with you the fun day we had on Saturday, but the internet hasn’t been fast enough to upload pictures in the evening at all this week. So, today I tried multitasking, and uploaded them here and there throughout the day. Ta-dah! 🙂

Saturday, late afternoon, we all headed out to our front porch for some fresh air. What a blessing it’s been to have such a gorgeous view right outside our front door just waiting for us. God’s handiwork is amazing!

We spent our time out there doing various things- Damon got out his Chewa book and studied, the girls rode down our hilly driveway on their bikes and smashed to a stop into our gate (I wish I had a picture of that to show you!), Joey practiced crawling and I was going to read- but never ended up cracking the book.

A few minutes after we all got outside, Felicia gasped in heightened emotion as only she can. “Mommy and Daddy!!!!!!! It’s RAINING!” she squealed. Sure enough, a careful squint showed a few very light raindrops falling. The girls, who love to play in the rain when there’s no thunder/lightning, set off to their rooms at lightning speed to get their sweaters for the occasion! Since we’re in the “hot season”, I thought the sweaters were an overkill, and the sight of them made me sweat more, but they feel it’s appropriate attire and love any opportunity to wear their “warmer” clothes… 🙂

Why didn’t I end up reading my book? Too many picture taking opportunities presented themselves!

It’s blurry, but you can see Felicia loving running in the “rain”. Notice the sparkly skirt she has on? She loves beautiful things! 🙂

Natalie is my climber. She’s always had good balance, too, so rarely falls from her perch. 🙂

My happy girlie.

Joey is mobile now, and loves to explore anything. Predictably, the first thing he went for was dirt!

I liked how the sun shone through her hair in this one!

They were way overdressed, but loved it. 🙂

Our little JoeMan has 5 teeth now!

I’ll end with a photo that Damon, the REAL photographer of the family, took of my two precious girls and me. I am so blessed!



  1. I so enjoy all these post and especially the wonderful pictures – and yes you are truly blessed!!! Love Ya Marcia

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