Posted by: Lisa | November 17, 2011

Sibling Stack

I’ve had this post lined up for a while to publish, but have been having internet difficulties. Things now seem to be in order enough to upload pictures, etc. Yay! 🙂

As you can tell, I love taking photos of my children. Since there are no professional photographers around to help me capture precious ages, I’ve determined to take as many pictures as I can and do my best to make them look good. Someday I want to read up and learn more to make the most of the camera we have, but until then, it’s trial and error!

I’ve noticed some photographers online doing a pose of siblings laying on the floor on top of each other, oldest at the bottom, then going younger till the baby is on top. It is an adorable pose! I got the brilliant idea to try this with my three the other day, thinking of doing a “trial run” before attempting to do a sheet backdrop, etc.

But it wasn’t until it was failing miserably that I realized one detail from these other “stacks” I’d seen. They were done when the youngest was a baby. A little baby unable to roll yet! Oops! These pictures still make me smile, though.  Now I’m looking for pose ideas that involve the youngest being old enough to sit. 🙂


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