Posted by: Lisa | November 1, 2011

Butterfly Moments

Well, it looks like this blog is turning more into telling stories about my children than anything else. I guess that’s to be expected considering that’s what defines the majority of my time these days! Much of the ministry side of things Damon’s been doing alone while we get our bearings here in Chipata. He’s been posting about his trips to the bush on the “ministry” blog. There’s a cute video of some Sunday School children singing a song over there. Makes us smile every time!

Anyway, back to the title of my post. A few weeks ago a friend showed my girls how to make “butterfly sandwiches”, and they really took to the idea. It’s a fun way to dress up a plain ol’ PBJ sandwich without wasting anything by cutting out fancier shapes.

I was trying to make my salad, listen to Damon tell about his morning shoveling manure (and you thought missionary work was just passing out tracks!) and oversee the girl’s lunch art when I realized that Natalie was trying to tell me something. When I turned my attention to her, she said, “Butterfly done, Mommy!”  I realized that too often I get caught up “doing” that I tune out “listening”. Let’s face it- kids talk and make noise, well, pretty much all the time if they’re awake! But Natalie needed some reassurance that she was important. I’m glad she wants that from me! I’m glad God has given us children. I was thankful for the Lord’s gentle reminder to keep my ears open to the needs, physical and emotional, of my children. Because, just like a real butterfly, those moments come and go so quickly.

Here’s a picture of the girls showing off their lunch art. They wanted Joey in the picture, which I thought was sweet. They wanted to feed him, too, but I discouraged that. 🙂

And because I’m “that kind of a mom” and can’t choose, here’s a second picture of the same pose. You don’t mind all the extra cuteness, right? 😉



  1. Keep it up, Lisa! I thoroughly enjoy keeping up with you via these posts.
    Continuing in prayer for your family, Mrs. M.

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