Posted by: Lisa | October 29, 2011

Cold Dinners

We’ve had a lot of power outages this week. Not just the kind that goes off for a couple hours and then returns, but the kind that goes off for a half an hour, comes back on for an hour, goes back off for forty-five minutes, comes back, etc. With days like this, I never know if I can actually cook dinner. It would be rather disheartening to get everything partially cooked only to have the power die out for an hour or so and the food be ruined. So we’ve come up with a “cold dinner plate” that works well on days like this when we don’t have sandwich fixings in the house.

We’ve actually come to like having this for dinner a lot. It’s fun to switch it out different cold meats, fruit, etc depending on what we have. And it works well when it’s so hot out that no one wants to put warm stuff inside them anyway!

We tease Felicia that she’s going to be a “food stylist” when she grows up. She took her ingredients, and made her own creation.

It was hilarious hearing her compliment herself on how good this “cracker stack” was. 

Of course, Natalie tried following suit and making her own. But it looked much less appetizing, so I’ll spare you a picture of the soggy cracker creation! 🙂



  1. Been there. I was so happy to get my gas stove! Now I don’t have to worry about that anymore . . . unless the town runs out of propane which is possible too!

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