Posted by: Lisa | October 19, 2011

Real Live Baby Doll

Having two older sisters is going to afford our Joey a lot of perks when he grows up. Two older sisters who are already showing signs of being very domestic- they love cooking and sweeping and decorating. I even saw Natalie play ironing today! Plus they both love a good laugh and adore him. But for now, he’s paying his dues to get those future perks. These days, Baby Joey is their real live baby doll. They’ve already-

Given him a pink headband, complete with matching shawl-

Treated him like one of their toys-

Donned a princess crown on his head-

Fed him with their pink tea set-

Held him on their laps and/or carried him as far as their chubby little arms can-

And I could go on. It’s hilarious and fun to watch. Thankfully, Joey is a good sport and actually seems to enjoy the attention. I’m thinking he won’t love the pink headbands in a few years, though! But for now, it’s fun to see the kids enjoying each other in their childish ways. It’s my prayer that they always have this same camaraderie and fellowship with each other as they grow!



  1. I especially like the crown, Lisa! Too cute! I hope they always stay this way with each other…minus the pink headband, of course 😉

  2. Aww… just wait until Joey grows up a little more, and he can start being “the man” for them… I’m thinking they’ll have even more good times! 🙂 So sweet to “watch” – thanks for sharing! 🙂

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