Posted by: Lisa | October 13, 2011

And the Grand Total Is…

Since moving to the nice small town of Chipata, I’ve really enjoyed a lot more “freedom” and mobility than I had in the larger, crazier town of Kitwe. Since I don’t have my Zambian driver’s license yet, going anywhere that can’t be reached on foot requires either a taxi (a good, yet sometimes precarious option!) or asking my busy Damon to take me out. Damon is very considerate and is always willing to take me where I need to go, but as our family grows, sometimes it’s easier to ask him to pick up what’s needed while he’s out than to pack everyone up. 🙂

But this past Saturday, our neighbor across the street offered to walk me down to the market that’s practically at the end of our hill and show me around. It was nice to have someone experienced the first time to help me get my bearings! And we must have looked quite the sight- my neighbor carrying her son, her two older daughters, her mother in law and me. I was glad that I’ve been doing a bit of exercising lately so I wasn’t the typical “weak white woman” panting to keep up! 🙂

Anyway, I was THRILLED with my finds. I got two “bowls” of tomatoes for two dollars. That’s about a shopping bag full. I felt like Homemaker of the Year! Until we came out of the market and walked along the main road to see some other vendors and I saw that they were selling tomatoes at half the price I’d just paid. Ah, oh well! I think two dollars for that many is still a great deal!

Anyway, here is everything getting washed and ready to eat!

Tomatoes and strawberries and eggplant and watermelon and garlic and green beans- all for about $9! Praise the Lord for supplying such wonderful food!



  1. Looks like fun! 🙂 I’m happy for you!

  2. Is that $9 us or the Zambian money? What you bought there would be about $25 USD without the eggplant; haven’t found eggplant here. I’m so glad you can get out more, do you go for walks with the children? I enjoy walking and cycling and as soon as David reached 6 weeks I started walking again. Hopefully Ezra will have my bike working again and then I can cycle with Ted again.

    • Dawn, it’s $9 US. In Zambian kwacha it was about K45,000. And the eggplant was already past peak, so quite sour. I ended up throwing it out! That’ll teach me to buy something I’m not totally familiar with! I thought they felt soft… ha! Next time I’ll know! So I did make a few blunders, but that’s how we learn! You must be feeling good to have started walking again already!? The children are loving taking walks here; God has been good to us!

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