Posted by: Lisa | October 1, 2011

A Woman In Need

I recently decided that I have to accept that my children are early risers like their Daddy. 🙂 I’ve been trying to train them to stay in bed until 7am for years, and while they’ve finally learned to play quietly until 7, it’s just not really working. Rather than keep fighting for my ideal schedule, I’ve decided to wave the white flag and get up at what used to be an unthinkable hour to get quiet time with the Lord before the Great Awakening. 🙂 Being able to read in a quiet house has really helped- imagine! I feel like I’m able to learn more when I’m not keeping one ear on the kids play in their room, making sure all is fair and happy. 🙂 The other day I read something that really blessed me, and I thought I’d share.

I read in Mark about the woman with an issue of blood who came to Jesus through the crowd for healing. I always have sympathy for her, because in a small way, I feel I can relate, having dealt with an ongoing health issue a couple years ago. This woman knew that God was the one who could help her physically, and went straight to Him.

What stood out to me was that Jesus was out with many people that day. These other people that were with him also knew that He was the one who could help them physically and/or spiritually. There was quite the crowd! So many that the Bible says they were “pressing” Him. They were all around Him, touching Him, talking with Him and being in His presence. Yet, none of them caused virtue to go out of Christ. Only the woman with the issue of blood caused that. What was the difference?

I think that the crowd all wanted to learn from Christ, to gain, either physically or spiritually, from being around Him. The crowd just went to be near Him and see what would happen. The woman with the health issue wanted help in a specific area. She went to Christ with a goal, a specific need. Who gained more help that day?

Which one am I? When I have my quiet time, what is my attitude when reading the Bible? Am I simply spending time with the Lord, kind of “bumping into Him”? Is my attitude simply, “Lord teach me while I’m here”? Or am I like the woman who recognized her own limitations and came to the Lord in faith, knowing that He could help her specifically if she could just get close enough to Him. I have been encouraged at the personal way God has been giving me verses specific to my situation when I bring Him detailed needs before reading. Desiring to be “around God” is a good start, but it missed the fulness of the blessing!

Speaking about Bible time and learning… Felicia has lately been wanting to draw photos of the lesson after we finish. I was super impressed at her artwork today. Can you tell what our lesson was on? 🙂


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