Posted by: Lisa | September 12, 2011

Joey’s 5 Months

Our baby boy is now 5 months old! He is just sweetness wrapped in baby boy. He is our first baby to “flirt” when he wants something. The girls used to just cry when they wanted to be picked up or given something. Joey turns on the charm. And you know what? It works. He’s a smart kid! 🙂

On the second of every month, I try to take a photo of Joey to document his growth incrementally. It’s fun to see the changes; it’s fun to see the chub fill him out, the smiles grow, and his personality come out more and more. Because he is just SO CUTE, I can’t just share one photo. Here are some of my favorites of my big 5 month old!

This was my favorite of our little man! His outfit says “Mr. Handsome”. So true! 😉

I love how you can see that his arms were waving in excitement. He is such a lover of life!

Some months, when the girls’ clothes are still clean by photo shoot time, I try to get a couple of all three children. This one showed everyone’s happy smiles wonderfully!

I like the oldest-to-youngest pose.

I told the girls to kiss Joey,  and he responded by blowing raspberries. Mustn’t have been too impressed!

I’ll end with the one that made me laugh out loud. Poor Joey’s happy smiles from the beginning of the shoot are gone, and now he’s beginning to get worried about how much of this he has to endure. 🙂 I love it.



  1. The pics are so cute Lisa! Beautiful babies ❤

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