Posted by: Lisa | September 10, 2011

Old Shoe Laces

One thing that I am loving about Chipata is the smaller town feel. Since we no longer live on a super busy street across from a bar, a bus stop and a construction site like we did in Kitwe, going outside our front gate is no longer scary! I love this new feeling of freedom! Yesterday the children and I redeemed a day without power by going outside— outside the gate!!!

I love taking walks, and so do the children, so we are soaking this all up! We decided to go down the hill to the local grocery store and get a milkshake. My plan was to take Joey (5 months) in the stroller and let the girls (2 and 4) walk down. So we set out, spirits high. The road we live on is still Africa, so it’s quite uneven. So much so, that it snapped our stroller’s front right wheel off within 10 minutes. I’d half expected that, since the other front wheel popped off a while back just pushing the girls around our (bumpy) driveway in Kitwe. Back when that happened, Damon found some wire and poked, twisted and reattached that wheel perfectly good as new.

When this second tire snapped off, there was a moment’s hesitation about turning home, but then the thought occurred to me- “Check the sides of the road!”  You see, there’s always litter lining the streets- the busier the street, the more litter there is! So, before turning around we balanced the stroller on three tires and hunted for some discarded wire among the garbage. (Necessity is the mother of adaptation. Or something like that!) And then I saw it- a pair of old, holey shoes! “Ah ha!” I thought to myself, “Shoelaces!!!” While they were a little trickier to thread and a little harder to tie tightly than the wire had been, they did the job of allowing us to finish our walk quite well! Who knew?

By the time we got home and took the camera out, Natalie was taking a much needed nap so she missed the photo shoot. Felicia enjoyed the spotlight. 🙂

A close up of our mended tires. This makes me smile!

And now my busy man is going to work his little trick  to “properly” fix the tire when we get some wire. Hopefully, we’ll find the materials we need at a store this time. 🙂



  1. Enjoyed reading your experience Lisa. Reminds me of when I used to take my three little ones out for a walk in Mexico. Being a missionary sure teaches you resourcefulness!

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